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Our fire doors

Comprehensive fire door and fire doorset service

Our fire doors:

  • Complete fire doorsets - ready for easy and quick installation
  • Pre-assembled - saving you time and money
  • Factory finished to your specification
  • Fully guaranteed and certified

Building Life (Fire Doors) Ltd specialise in providing a comprehensive fire rated door and fire doorset  solution for our clients.

We provide an all in one solution for fire doors and fire doorsets - providing our clients with a ready to install fire doorset that has been manufactured to their exact specification - saving them time and money as well as ensuring the fire doorset retains its full certification.

An integrated fire doorset package - ready to install onsite

Our fire rated doorsets come as an integrated package ready to install. Each fire doorset we manufacture is tailored to our clients specific needs and requirements and includes the:

  • Door leaf
  • Door frame
  • Glazing
  • Ironmongery.
  • Intumescent fire / fire and smoke seals

Our fire doorsets are delivered onsite ready to be installed as a complete package.  As all the fittings to the door are already factory installed (for example: locks, hinges, letter boxes, spy hole, handles etc.), only the frame needs to be installed onsite and the finished doors hung - saving our clients up to 40% on installation time.

Residential fire doors

Fire doors factory finished for perfect results

We manufacture each fire rated doorset to order. This allows us to offer our clients a wide range of high quality factory finishes to perfectly match their requirements, for example:

  • laminate (Formica, Polyrey plus other leading manufacturers in a wide range of colours and patterns)
  • primed or fully painted to the colour of your choice.

Having the fire doorset finished and assembled in the controlled environment of our factory not only results in a perfect finish, but can significantly reduce installation time as there is no requirement to finish the doorset on site, bar plugging the fixing hole - quick and easy.

Guaranteed and certified fire doors and fire doorsets, all third part accredited

Building Life (Fire Doors) Ltd are fully certified with the BWF-CERTIFIRE TIMBER FIRE DOORS and DOORSET Scheme, primarily as Prime Door Manufacturers, but also as Licensed Door Manufacturers and Modifiers.

We guarantee our fire rated doorsets through assessing and certificating the design and production process, testing its performance and with regular audit checks by ourselves and associated third party auditors.

Our Fire Doors

Building Life (Fire Doors) Ltd provides a wide range of single and double leaf FD30 and FD60 doorsets.

  • FD30 (Single,  Double or 1.5 Leaf)
    • An FD30 Door gives you a minimum Fire Protection of 30 minutes when fitted with the correct CERTIFIRE ironmongery and in a certificated door frame. If a door is marked FD30s this means it has combined intumescent and smoke seals fitted.
  • FD60 (Single, Double or 1.5 Leaf)
    • An FD60 Door gives you a minimum Fire Protection of 60 minutes when fitted with the correct CERTIFIRE ironmongery and a certificated door frame.  If a door is marked FD60s this means it has combined intumescent and smoke seals fitted.

We have a wide range of standard fire door styles to choose from , with or without vision panels, and also offer a bespoke service. All our doors are tested and certified to the latest British and European standards and can be provided in a wide range of configurations to suit any requirement.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about Building Life's fire doorsets, or have a query on anything to do with fire protection, please get in touch. We will be happy to talk through your situation and offer advice and guidance based on our extensive experience and expertise within the fire protection services industry.