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About our fire doors - Certification

We can certify fire rated doorsets so they can be easily identified and with a guarantee to perform in a fire as they should i.e. as tested.

The first step is to construct a fire rated doorset designed to a specification that we know will resist a fire for a specified time. This doorset is then tested by an approved fire testing center. Once the door has passed the “burn” test the certification is approved for all similar constructed doorsets which are identified by labels. These will identify the date of manufacture and the design fire rating of the door type.

The Identification labels are usually fitted on the top edge of the door or the head of the door frame or the leg of the door frame (Depending on the whether it is a certificated door or doorset).

BWF Certifire timber fire door scheme only issues identification labels to its members who have been successful and certificated as Prime Door Manufactures in having a successful burn test carried out by an independent third party accredited testing laboratory on one of their own manufactured doorsets.

Their fire ratings for fire door assemblies are stated in minutes and prefixed by the letters ‘FD’ i.e. FD 30 equates to a 30 minute fire door or fire doorset. As part of the steps being taken by the BWF to simplify fire door identification and eliminate confusion in specification, the existing FD20 rating is no longer available.

BWF Certfire label

Every BWF-Certifire Fire Door Assembly carries a permanent and tamper evident proof label with details of the manufacturer, its fire rating, a unique serial number.

The BWF – Certifire label provides traceability through the supply chain, ensuring the manufacturer can always be contacted.

The Scheme has a variety of labels to suit ratings and requirements of different jobs.

The CF number allows the test evidence to the specific type of door to be checked, and if necessary, copies of the manufactures certificate and test summary to be held on file.

The BWF Certifire label must not be removed – but if it is accidently removed the onus for the evidence of the type of door etc is on the manufacture to provide proof that they originally logged / registered a label on this door or by invoice that they purchased this originally door.